About me


Born and raised in Ukraine, I came to Switzerland as a student of Economics in 1992. Subsequently, I studied and graduated in Humanities at the University of Zurich: English and German Languages, Literature and Philosophy.

My first professional experience was already in the sphere of human relations. From then on, whether in the field of Executive Search or in an international trading company, a human being, with its individuality, its needs and goals has always been standing at the core of my interest.

The marriage, pregnancy and motherhood were and still are enriching experience for me.

I am grateful to have discovered Kinesiology on my life path and to have studied it at the Institute of Applied Kinesiology (IAK) in Freiburg (Germany).

I deem myself lucky to professionally support people in their striving for healing, happiness and fulfillment with all my knowledge, experience and skill.


Oksana Gnehm
dipl. Kinesiologist IAK,
Master of Arts

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