Application Areas

Health and Well-Being

In case of: physical and psychological complaints, imbalances and blockages in general, as well as allergies, eating disorders, fears, phobias, traumata, blurred vision, dizziness, bedwetting

For: vitality, strength, the will to live and enjoy life

Private Support

In case of: struggling with major changes or permanently stressful life situations; negative emotions, inner conflicts and resistances, uncertainties, dependencies, self-sabotage

For: positive attitudes, self-confidence, self-determination, peace and harmony

Work and Business

In case of: stress, burnout, mental barriers

For: decisiveness, assertiveness, communication, negotiation, endurance, power, mental fitness and motivation

Couples Support

In case of: stress during relationship issues or crises; hopeless situations and deep-rooted patterns of behaviour; emotional ballasts and barriers

For: harmony in the reciprocal relationship between “Me” and “We”

Family Counselling

In case of: infertility; pregnancy or birth complications; educational challenges during baby and childhood years; conflicts of puberty; difficulties in taking farewell (after death / divorce)

For: stable family system, content, harmonious togetherness

Learning Children and Youths

In case of: hyperactivity, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, ADD, left-handedness implications, concentration difficulties, lack of coordination, communication problems, behavioural changes

For: sensomotoric integration, potentials development, the joy of learning and learning success

Expatriates Integration

In case of: growing up among cultural differences; a deep sense of rootlessness and restlessness; longing for abandoned places or people; yearning for the past

For: striking new roots in Switzerland, understanding and developing new behaviours, strengthening new identity


This listing provides an idea of the wide variety of areas where kinesiology can help and has already helped. Kinesiology’s application possibilities are almost endless.

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