Pollen Allergy

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The pollen allergy season is upon us – relief wanted


Spring is the peak blossom period of many trees and grasses. For those who are allergic to the pollen of these plants, the beautiful season can become a great plague. Itching, sneezing, and nasal congestion are typical signs of a pollen allergy.

An allergy is an IMMUNE SYSTEM disorder – and it needs to be treated.

But trouble at work, relationship difficulties or interpersonal conflicts burden the PSYCHE and can intensify allergy symptoms. Studies show that psychological stress increases the discomfort in one third of allergies.

The cause for such psychological influences on allergy lies in a close interaction between the nervous and the immune systems. NEUROTRANSMITTERS (chemical messengers of the nervous system) are the link between the two systems. One such example are the so-called neurotrophins. They are produced not only by nerve cells, but also by immune cells and act upon both cell systems. They are released during allergic reactions in excess quantities and remain effective for days and weeks.

Kinesiological measures address these underlying causes of allergies and can thus reduce the indications sustainably or even eliminate them.

What a treat for the spring of your life!

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