Why It Works

I. The Unity

Three levels are the essence of the human being.

At its bottommost – physical – level, the human BODY consists of atoms, molecules and cells of which tissues are made, from which furthermore different organs and organ systems are formed (such as the digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system).

The psyche – SOUL- of man is his second level. There is no physical organ medically attributed to it. But it is assigned a superior function to the physical organ systems and is as well dependant on the functioning of these – especially the endocrine system and the immune system. It is closely connected with the nervous system.

To the highest level in man – the SPIRIT- complex cognitive processes pertain, such as perception, imagination, thinking, deciding, developing strategies, remembering and learning, and the needed alertness, attentiveness and concentration of all grades, up to hypnosis and other trance-like conditions.

All three levels, flowing into one another, form a highly complex, interacting system HUMAN BEING, viewed as BODY-SOUL-SPIRIT unity.

II. The Flow

A living being is dependent on passing information from one cell to another, from one level of the system to another.

Physical, mental and spiritual activities are linked to the neuronal network.

Nervous tissue continuously conducts its impulses via tiny electrical currents and passes them on through special messengers – neurotransmitters. Numerous chemical reactions of metabolism, hormonal regulation, emotional and mental reactions occur subsequently in the organism, generating the steady energy and information exchange.

Everything is in a state of flux and influences one another.

III. The Consequences

As a result of this highly interactive, coherent unity, process disorders emerging on one level of the system can cause disorders on other levels of it.

In exactly the same way, however, curing one level causes curing the other.

This is the basis of kinesiology.

Through energetic balancing of a given dysfunction (physiological, mental, spiritual), the dysfunctions of other dimensions of the system are balanced, brought into the homeostasis (balance), – and recovery can begin.

IV. The Tool

Kinesiology does not work with symptoms. It works with causes.

In order to explore and treat the causes of psycho-somatic disorders, an analysis of the preceding conscious and unconscious processes is necessary.

For during its lifetime, the human being as a bio-energetic system stores internal processes, particularly the traumatizing ones, on various levels. The physical level is the deepest, subconscious level of the information carriers.

The manual muscle test is used as a tool in kinesiology that brings forth the information required to gain access to the disorder causes and hence treat them.

“The body is the translator of the soul into the visible.”
(Christian Morgenstern)

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